Monday, August 13, 2007

Robb Report Anecdotes

Some interesting things an addled woman's mind learned from the Robb Report:

1) The Robb Report has at least one female contributor and 6 female editors

2) Mark Twain,Samual Clemens,was an unsuccessful investor back in the day. His most notorious failed investment was a watch company. You don't learn that shit in middle school.

3) The People's Republic of China released a political billiards set in the 1950's. The red cue ball represented "China" and the other balls were the enemies of the state like disease, political dissenters,the U.S. If I were to put together a billiards set,the cue ball would represent me. I would have other balls that represented 1)Scrotum Illustrated (I mean Sports Illustrated), 2)luxury hotel chain ignorance,3)Michael Vick,4)procrastinating architects,5)service businesses that refuse to open before 10am and/or on Sundays,6)silly/fluffy women's mags,7)car salesmen who emphasize the vanity mirror,8)women over 40 who insist on wearing Victoria's Secret "Pink" attire,9)mysterious pubic hairs in public places (shudder),10)loud, "state the obvious" guys at movies,11)women like me who had to look up how many balls are in a billiard set,12)Walmart bashers,13)pretentious peop's,14)majority of insects in my living quarters, and 15)people who don't drive their sports cars like they're hot---blow my panties off baby!

4)The Icon is a jeep on 'roids that is damn sexy and environmentally sound(I presume it comes in a 5 speed--I can control the speed with my hands on the gear): and Lexus now has a luxury hybrid: Now all I need is a sporty coupe hybrid.....?

5)China,(1950's and 1960's), commissioned artistic propaganda similar to the U.S.'s Rosie the Riveter era (1940's):

You knew you were going to see some sort of feminist propaganda eventually--She looks like she's flipping us off!

6)Costa Rica is an Audubon Society playground with an abundance of natural diversity and recreation opportunities! An excellent recreational travel company is "Backroads". Check out

7)Fun gi's are hard to find--no really--shiitake takes careful cultivation.

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