Monday, August 27, 2007

Venationes & Damnati

Hot off the press (MTV: "DMX's Arizona Home Raided; A Dozen Pit Bulls Removed From Residence
Police also discovered weapons cache; no charges have been filed against rapper. "

"Deputies with the Maricopa County sheriff's office raided the Cave Creek, Arizona, home of rapper DMX on Friday morning (August 24), and according to a police spokesperson, 12 pit bulls were removed from the residence, all in bad condition. Police would not get into specifics but did say the animals are being tended to by veterinarians. "

What gives? Now, I know that this sport of blood lust has been going on for probably thousands of years before Micheal Vick. If it wasn't pit bulls, it was cocks,bears,people,cats,tigers,lions--oh my! Maybe the current publicity will get people to act more civilized and less barbaric?

You can take the gangsta out o' the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out o' the gangsta! They collect more pit bulls and illegal,cop-killer weapons than suburban soccer moms collect designer bags and botox injections! Modern gangsta thugs are the set up for the perfect American Express commercial:
Hennessy in a pimp chalice,iced finger and bling,nasty-ass ho's,chronic,pit bulls,firearms, AND getting the NAACP to back your ass/career, PRICELESS!

If my dog, Earl Grey wasn't so refined and neutered, I would be tempted to start something similar in suburbia. After a quaint Pampered Chef,Mary Kay,Arbonne,Avon(you thought that died with the 80's didn't you?),Creative Memories, Cookie Lee,or fill-in-the-blank pyramid scheme, the hostess could pile all of her earnings in a cash pot for the real games! Let the Sangria flow in your Tuscany influenced glass as you bet on Betty's Standard Poodle "Lacey" vs my bad ass mother fucker Irish Wolfhound! Of course, we would obliterate those BITCHES and I would end up with a brand new pink Escalade. They would be lining up their pampered poodles around the block for a chance to do it doggy-style with Earl the Dominator! I would charge a minimum of $2,000 just for a chance to lock uglies with my stud and then I would sell the little G's for more G's!Are you skar'd? YOU should be!

On a serious note:

Listen up low-class America! What does it feel like to be put in bondage for profit,tortured,starved,and hanged?

I don't advocate killing or torturing animals for any reason, but I also do not advocate keeping POTENTIALLY vicious animals as pets either: This is just ONE online testimony against keeping pit bulls as pets (there are numerous references):

If you can't get enough of the blood lust, why don't we put Michael Vick or DMX in with one of their killers. Now, that would be an event the Greek gladiators would be proud of!

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jo said...

i do not agree with baning pitbulls in any way. a dog will only act in a way that it has been tought to, not only pitbulls bite all dogs bite. i have 2 pitbull that are both the most loyal and friendly dogs i have ever owned. dont ban the breed ban the deed.