Monday, August 6, 2007

Koi fish freeze out

I've always wanted to enjoy a Koi fish pond, but up here in the far north everytime I try to enjoy one--old hoary father winter freezes me out! If I were able to visit and enjoy a pond I would name the platinum fish Paris, she wouldn't eat much, but she would be the main breeder.
The crazy fish that eats all the garbage would be called "Lindsay". I would have another brood fish called "Brittany" and she wouldn't take care of her young.
But, alas I can't enjoy koi ponds anymore. Maybe I'll learn the alphabet instead.


p0nk said...

with names like those, you'd probably have to teach them how to swim.

NotANiceGirl said...

I'm from the north east and here, if you did deep enough and put a heater, they are fine even after the top layer freezes over. You should check it out if you're serious... I'd be happy to research it for you.

Eagle Eye said...
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NotANiceGirl said...

I'm such a dipshit... though I do get some wood on the bat from time to time