Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Capricious bitch

I saw this biker babe in traffic today and I whimsically wished I was her momentarily. She had a "devil may care" air about her. Not to slim, young or handsome but full of spunk none the less. She was astride a beautiful, red Harley Davidson and her hair would have been blowing in the wind except that safety first girl had a sturdy helmet. She was free! Free to drive around mid-day with her mid-drift showing in a very much too tight hot pink tank top and her sketchers sportingly hanging on to her ride! She scoffed at the rest of us middle-class riff raf with our generic four door sedans and safety paneling. Her demeanor and frivolous attitude dared you to guess--is she really a hard ass biker bitch or Betty your next door neighbor heading to Kohl's for a sale?

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