Friday, August 24, 2007

Jumped the Shark!

I'm 90% sure that I heard this statement on a commercial on the radio the other morning: "I'm John Bunnell and I encourage you to try (fill in the blank radio). Head down to Best Buy today!"
WTF? He was losing some street cred when he went from Sheriff to host of realty t.v. cop shows. I'm sure the other cops were taunting him and calling him Pussy among other epitephs during the 90's.
Then he went from host of Cops to cameos in movies like "Bad Santa"---another couple of notches down in street cred.
Now a commercial?Come on! I've lost all respect for him now! I'm sure that the police (technically I guess the Sheriff's dept. isn't police) AND the bad guys are looking for him so they can beat him up and take the rest of his dignity!
Although--I know another retired guy from the force (the real police force--not those Sheriff posers) and he now has mountain-man,Ted Kazinsky facial hair,
Mickey-mouse,Hawaiian shirts,
and "Jesus" shoes (Birkenstock-type sandals)!
Wow! Being a law enforcer (that is a word--look it up) must tweak your mind!

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p0nk said...

i've never cared for this guy. I don't know who narrates Maximum Exposure but I love when he covers some of the same clips that Bunnel does. Night and day difference.