Thursday, August 23, 2007

Inadequate Baller

"I wish I was little bit taller,I wish I was a ballerI wish I had a girl who looked goodI would call herI wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a '64 Impala"

Beckham is hot off the field I'll give him that, but he is muy feo on the field! He couldn't even beat---his meat if it was right in front of him. He's shooting blanks-- into the goal,He can't find the hole---I mean I can keep thinking of sexual analogies,but I'll stop!

Why are we paying one piddly little man so much dinero when the women would be so much more fun to watch AND play better? Suckers! Knowing American sports fans, they will probably pay some hobo off the street before they'll acknowledge that women's sports exist, but at least the hobo would probably be MORE entertaining and cost less than Beckham!

I can kick Beckham's ass and block his balls!


Eagle Eye said...

Wait? Is there a woman on the cover of a Scrotum Illustrated that isn't in a bikini! Holy shit! What year was that?

p0nk said...

i'm coaching girl's soccer and I don't think much of beckham. Soccer, perhaps more than any other of the big sports requires team work. Unfortunately, American men are taking a very long time to wake up to this fact.
I don't remember what year the women won the World Cup, and I don't even remember who that is on the cover (Mia Hamm maybe?) but that was an awesome series to watch.

p0nk said...

ok squinting at the cover, it looks like it's Brandi Chastain, right team, wrong player.