Monday, August 20, 2007

80's Cliche

As I rocked out to Depeche Mode the other day, I came to the sad realization that I'm an 80's cliche. Not in the slightly obese,owns 3-4 cats,dresses in bright florals,dangles New Orleans beads from the rear view mirror,Garfield cat hanging from the car door window,paw prints on the back of my car, pet charity license plate sort of way. BUT, in the following ways:

I DID own an extensive "My little pony" collection, although none quite so edgy as my friend "pimp pony" above!

I am the original "HOLLY HOBBIE" collector. We even made Holly Hobbie cookies from her recipe book for Christmas and I now have to go to ANTIQUE stores to find her! ANTIQUE stores people (*sob*)

I still call flip flops THONGS!

I went to a Depeche Mode concert less than a year ago!

My hair is naturally still BIG and in your face!

I just recently gave up the ankle slouch socks for the more trendy ped-like socks!

I resist the urge to fill my wardrobe with polka dots, fuscia, leg warmers,floral prints, and stretch pants (most of the time)!

I would still do JAZZERCISE to this day if it wasn't such an obscure, 60's + crowd now!

I liked the Police and Sting equally well!

We did choreographed masterpieces to MC HAMMER in my drill team class in high school!

I can't get enough of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or the artist formerly known as Prince who is now Prince again?

I say AWESOME at least once a week if not once a day!

Top Gun and Jaws are a couple of my favorite movies and I still have a huge crush on Mel Gibson and his films (even though he is an eccentric,entire island owning,fanatical catholic,antisemitic--at least he's honest and not some pc milquetoast conformist)

I miss the BONGO line o' jeans and bright plastic watches!

I DID own the entire Garfield book series

I OWNED an Atari and played KABOOM incessantly!

Did I mention I had a stuffed unicorn the size of Earl Grey?

At one point, I had a Pegasus mural painted on my bedroom wall---that's right--I said Pegasus (complete with pastel colored rainbow and wistful clouds).

Can't forget LINDA CARTER! I never missed an episode of WONDER WOMAN and even dressed up like her for Halloween including a bad,fake,black wig!She had the rojo mojo going on! Check out those red boots!


p0nk said...

'who you callin' fool, fool?'

Eagle Eye said...

HA!HA! Totally--AND an 80's allusion!

p0nk said...

i watched Wonder Woman as well. great excuse to watch jiggly tits.

Eagle Eye said...

I bet. I think they were even real?

p0nk said...

wow, i just had some kind of epiphany or something... remember the days before fake boobs? that seems oh so long ago now.

Eagle Eye said...

I think a lot of men and women must have a Barbie fetish. And like Barbie, fakies are here to stay.