Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AZ Meanderings

As a park ranger, I get around---the United States! I often visit Arizona and have realized with some remorse that I haven't been on a hike there in about 2 years! Maybe it is my reputation as a death march drill Sergeant, but I can't seem to muster up enough people to make a hiking outing! You take people on one little 6-8 hour trek through the desert wilderness and they stop taking your phone calls/answering your emails! When people go on outings with me, about 2-3 miles/hours into it, they remember that they had a birthday party to go to, some other civilized event to attend,they have to use the restroom, or they're hungry. Whiners and pussies!Come on people!Well, maybe they have some reason to fear/loath enjoying nature with me:

Notice the guy with nasty pointy teeth in the middle of the trail? I like to call him Sunny the Sunbather! Earl Grey was ahead of us and luckily set the rattler off to warn us!

But not all trail visitors/natives are so testy, take the regal horned toad for instance. He/she has such a cute ambling demeanor and striking red colors:

In the Superstition mountains, cholla give nice texture and contrast to the wildflowers and brittlebush after a rainy season, but they can be nasty little bastards. Earl Grey got a huge,fishhook-like barb stuck in his paw on one trip. He is much more careful about his bounding explorations now!

Picacho Peak between Phoenix and Tucson is chilly and still after a rain:

Last, but not least! You have to enjoy the splendor of the Grand Canyon. Even though I haven't hiked in awhile, I still enjoy visiting the canyon from time to time. Now, where are my hiking boots.....

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