Friday, August 17, 2007


A Chinese couple wants to name their child @. That's right: @. In a country where you are only legally allowed one child, they pick a computer text symbol? Now, if they are wealthy they COULD just pay fees and have more offspring.
Then if they have a boy, they can call him "Hotmail" (get it?)! A girl named "." and another child named "Com". I can hear them yelling at the kids to come in from outside: "!"!
There would be lots of confusion. Can you imagine? I'm meeting @. Where are you meeting @? @ isn't here!
It would be one of the simplest ways to sign your name. Even brain-dead, inmates could replace the typical "X" with "@" or "#".
I couldn't indicate excessive swearing with @(##&@(!!! anymore! People would think I'm just randomly texting their names!
If your LAST name was a character and you got married to another character, you could avoid the cumbersome, hyphenated last name syndrome by just using Jane @-# or maybe your spouse is just -. How simple is that? Jane @-. I like it! But where do the characters end? For instance, Jane @-. the "." indicates yet another name!

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p0nk said...

hilarious story!