Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is why IT guys are hot!

1) They know the binary code for *69*
2) They know how many bytes are in a GB (I knew this morning, but then forgot? 1million something....?)
3)They are so well-endowed that they don't need to drive a manly truck with balls. In fact, they are probably driving a tiny,skate of a car like a Ford Festiva!
4)They drive hard, I mean they can install a hard drive
5)Their lovin's so hot it burns...CD's!
6)They are probably WAAYYY more into their computers than sports, so no need to worry about your weekends being monopolized by the current pro sport team (especially MLS).
7)They generally abhor fitness and weight training, so there's more energy,time, and man for you!


p0nk said...

maybe i'm not an IT guy after all. maybe that's why i keep falling asleep at my desk.

Eagle Eye said...

Take two of these and see me in the morning!

Eagle Eye said...
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Eagle Eye said...

Maybe this url will show up (I obviously have an extra chromosome when it comes to html):
Just mix espresso with Brandy!