Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Evasive Traffic Patterns

Or not so evasive?

Listen, if I take a break from blasting "Nine Inch Nails" on the radio and exceeding the speed limit to create a gap in traffic the size of Texas for you---Man up and find the hole!! If a car is an extension of your manhood, then don't make me pissed off or sorry for you by driving through life politely waiting for a sign from the almighty, inquiring for grey poupon mustard, and adjusting your stuffed animals (this really happened today--no lie. I just like to share. I have the heart the SIZE of Texas)!


p0nk said...

"...I have the heart of Texas"

Texas called, they want it back.

Jimbo said...

How about them Cowboys

Eagle Eye said...

OK pOnk,Texas can have it back. It was weighing a little heavy anywho!
Cowboys would probably know what to do (in traffic)!

Eagle Eye said...

I fixed it--(I don't know how to italicize in html yet) "..I have the heart the SIZE of Texas". Is that better? How do you italicize?