Thursday, September 13, 2007

Big Sky Country

I was perusing images for ideas for a tramp stamp/cum catcher tattoo, and I came across a great website that reminded me of how much I love living in wide open spaces and how much I miss having a horse. I also found a great image for a tattoo on the small o' the back--a combo of celtic and cowgirl (can you imagine how much this design would cost and how long it would take?):

I had a little quarter horse growing up. He was a sorrel with a half moon crescent on his forehead and enough attitude and spunk to keep you guessing! I would almost always ride bareback with my hair loose and crazy (See my post "July 31st")! Western saddles are heavy and cumbersome when you just want to go! Who wants to put on the formal boots and a hat when you can just hop on with barefeet and a pair of shorts?We had many adventures together including long cattle drives (LONG cattle drives up to 10 hours in a day--see post July 12th) and trying out for the rodeo flag girl team (chickened out of the rodeo when my horse's skittishness threatened to put us both in the railing)!

I miss my AQHA *sigh*

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