Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shake a tail feather kids!

I was watching an MTV video, which oft' happens when teenagers inhabit your abode (actually it was my idea). We came across this video called "Misery Business" by Paramore. My daughter looked at me and said she looks like you mom with the long curly hair and attitude--were you like that in high school?! After LMFAO, I assured her that while I had a spell of being a "bully" in 6th grade and I did lavish on the makeup in the past (eye liner fills in too many creases after age 30!) I was actually not part of the popular/whorie (its a word right?) crowd! I do like the title of the song though--business can be some fierce misery!

I was more like the culmination of all the characters in the Breakfast Club:

Virginal with big hair like "Clare" (my hair AND eyeliner looked exactly like that my freshman year!). Irrelevant fact: she posed nude:

Good grades like "Brian"--Honors classes,Academic olympics (I even had a letter on my jacket for academics) Honors Society,Honors orchestra,honors etc.etc.!TOTAL NERD! No wonder I never got any action (well actually it may not have been so much the nerd thing as the whole related to a cop with a gun cabinet at the front door thing)!

Introverted artistic girl? That's me (seriously--I'm really artistic)!

I fancied myself a jock. I played some mean tennis and even beat some of the uppity private school beotches!, but I mostly just kept the bench warm and kept track of stats for the softball team (I still lettered in Varsity softball though-I think they felt sorry for a senior bench warmer)!

Who didn't have verbally abusive parents?


Jimbo said...

I always knew there was a wild side to Molly

Eagle Eye said...

Good Golly Ms. Molly!

p0nk said...

damn, Go Molly!