Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Avian Deceit!

Why does size matter?

"The Cardinals cut veteran center Nick Leckey (60) on Tuesday.
In a move not unexpected, the Cardinals released center Nick Leckey Tuesday.
The team filled the roster spot by re-signing linebacker Brandon Johnson, who had been cut when the Cards signed new center Chukky Okobi last week.
Leckey’s roster spot had grown tenuous as undrafted rookie Lyle Sendlein ascended the depth chart to back up starter Al Johnson.
Al Johnson sprained a knee in the season opener and the Cards decided to sign Okobi, a free agent who had played for offensive line coach Russ Grimm and coach Ken Whisenhunt in Pittsburgh.
Okobi’s arrival made for four centers on the roster, too large a number for the long-term.
Leckey had been battling a knee sprain suffered in the preseason, but he was healthy Sunday against Seattle and was still declared inactive. Okobi, who was dressed but did not play against Seattle, was Sendlein’s backup in the game.
Leckey started 11 games in 2006 and nine in 2005 after being drafted in the sixth round out of Kansas State in 2004. He outplayed the fourth-round selection that season, one-time starter Alex Stepanovich.
But the Cardinals, seeking someone with more size than the 6-foot-3, 290-pound Leckey, picked up Al Johnson as a free agent with a four-year, $17.5 million contract. Then Sendlein impressed the coaches throughout the offseason and training camp.
Leckey’s salary was also $1.3 million, a hefty amount for a reserve who was going to be a long shot to be active on Sundays.
Al Johnson is expected to miss at least one more game ("
Remember when sports used to be based on athletic prowess and skill? Now you have to be a fucking sumo wrestler/steam roller to play "football". Does anyone wonder why these super-sized athletes keep injuring themselves and pulling their muscles? Maybe we need to get back to basics and focus on increasing the maneuverability,safety,and SPORT of football instead of watching a bunch of way-too-tight ends bouncing off each other like Godzillas in a pinball machine! We will miss you cutie Nicky!


p0nk said...

i gave up on football when it started looking like WWE Wrestling.

Jimbo said...

The Cardnials could hire an entire line of 7 foot 400 lb linemen and they would still loose.

Eagle Eye said...

LOL! You guys crack my shit up!The cardinals will definitely loose now without my buddy Nick!

Jimbo said...

Yeah Yeah thats the ticket. :)

Jimbo said...


I guess you were right. The Cards lost without your buddy Nick!! It does not help when your starting QB has a rating of 62.6 either