Monday, September 10, 2007

Animation Masterpiece!

While one of the main characters, Z...zzzzzzzz, was a bit of a snooze in "Surf's Up", the animation and cinematography were very sophisticated! When you find yourself starting to focus on little details like how realistic the beach sand looks, you know the movie is a blockbuster hit!The feathers on the penguin characters were very life-like the way they shimmered in the "light" and waved in the breeze. The ocean waves made you feel like you were there! The camera angles and documentaryesque feel were very refreshing and new for an animation.
While I marveled at how far we have come since the "claymation" days, the only emotions the movie left me with were a yearning for a beach vacation and a desire to at least learn how to skateboard!
Technical sophistication: 5 stars
Entertainment value of script,acting,character development: Was there a script (did Beyonce's choreographer write this one?)?
If you want the real low-down on the genesis of skateboarding,I recommend viewing the real "Z-boys" of Dogtown instead:

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