Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a character that I can get into!

If Earl Grey had The Bloodhound's larger than normal nasal chambers[Wikepedia] and the large and long pendent ears to serve to prevent wind from scattering nearby skin cells while the dog's nose is on the ground[Wikepedia], he could be my brave partner in solving crime (maybe I'll type "Larger" one more time!)!
Earl Grey's generic dog jowels can't compare to the folds of wrinkled flesh (not that "wrinkled flesh"--pervs!) under the bloodhound's lips and neck, called the shawl, that serve to catch stray scent particles in the air or on a nearby branch as the bloodhound is scenting, reinforcing the scent in the dog's memory and nose.
However, Earl Grey is still a dog and dogs have as much as 40, 000,000 olfactory chemoreceptors per square centimeter compared to our puny human amount of 10,000 (http://www.ndri.com/).
He could hunt those bitches down! WOOF (http://youtube.com/watch?v=He82NBjJqf8&mode=related&search=)!
The above picture shows a "mick" playing for the wrong side during WWI, but it shows that ol' Irish Wolfhounds can be of tremendous service to any country/person in need!

Nancy's uptight,school-girl,preppy collars are a little much and who has a name like Nancy? Anything that ends in "y" is a little too fem/sissy for me! I would prefer a look and name that connote hot (though not as dated) like:


Julian's blog said...

Dear Eagle Eye's Omnipotent View:

When I was a youth, I read all the Hardy Boys adventures...
Yeah, I'm a romantic, I guess.

Eagle Eye said...

I'm impressed with your formal salutation and very intellectual blog! I weave in and out of immature sophomore vs pseudo jew/intellectual (much like I drive)!
I thought being of the male gender, you would have stuck to the "Hardy boys" growing up? I have actually only given Nancy's chronicles a cursery glance when my daughter was doing a book report. I have a short attention span (much like the wee gnat)!

p0nk said...

i read all the Hardy Boy books, and then the television series came out, and then Sean Cassidy released Da Do Ron Ron, and that pretty much ended my innocent childhood.

Jimbo said...

I read Playboy. I thought they were the older more sophisticated Hardy Boys cousins. Lots of good articles in these books.

Eagle Eye said...

Jimbo, you're a hound! Maybe you AND Earl Grey could help me foil the bad guys!