Wednesday, September 12, 2007


While Ernest Hemingway was a permanent fixture of English/literature classes throughout my high school and college experience, I didn't really get a sense of his tragic and misogynistic persona until the movie "Love and War"( He was a very intense man with a alot of pain and inner turmoil which made his writing real and "ernest"---get it? I made a joke there. He was fascinated by death and danger to the point that he tried his hand at bullfighting and even wrote a nonfiction piece about it called "Death in the Afternoon" (okay--while I knew of his references to bullfighting, I had to look the title up on the immediate gratification source I like to call the "world wide web"). His soul speaks to most men on various levels:

“It must be hard to be a man,” she says.
“Yes,” replies Hemingway; “very few survive it. ”

His short stories about matadors and romantic European interludes are insightful and adventurous, but his name has more pronounced meaning for me because of the biological connection of his furry friends. The descendants of his first 6 toed cat have been passing on the recessive polydactyl trait for years and biologists have been interested in studying the gene. Some scientists have discovered that there are two specific genes that interact to form the extra digits. Sonic hedgehog isn't just a video game:

Nature will find a way, I always say (or rip off from a Michael Creighton movie)!

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