Friday, September 14, 2007

Many wearing rapiers are afraid of Goosequills

....Said Rosencrantz in Hamlet.

The Greek Euripides had another, racier version: " The tongue is mightier than the blade"--Ahh yes.

Is there a modern counterpart? The keyboard punches harder than Muhamad Ali?

I have unwittingly stumbled across a marvelous social experiment that began with a vengeful birthday present to myself and has culminated in a healthy respect for the written word. With the tap of a finger, strange and hurtful things can emanate like "blog fucking" and sex with strangers. Terms of endearment that used to be the sole property of cherished ones become Internet folly and people's innermost thoughts are flaunted for all to see! Men hide behind women's aliases and vise verse. The most subdued house mouse becomes a raging predatory tiger. Where is the truth and how can a fantasy world hurt almost as much as reality?

I have to admit I have grown attached to my evolved persona and will own it forever, but I will temper it with my true self and I will never forget how or why it came into being!

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