Monday, July 9, 2007

Scrotum Illustrated

That is what stands for! I was just perusing their picture list of "best athletes by number" and I stopped looking for female representation at about number 48. I guess if you don't have a sac, you aren't an athlete. That is fabulous that SI thinks that a horse named Secretariat beats out women like Mia Hamm (Scrotum Illustrated selected baseball's Ted William's #9 over Mia Hamm's honorable mention). Or that race car drivers are more athletic than women! Race car drivers! They push the gas pedal and steer the wheel. Wow! Super athletic prowess right there boy! I bet those guys have to bench press mad weight to get up to that condition!

The women's U.S. soccer team won not one, but two gold Olympic medals in 1996 and 2004! But they can't get a professional league to flourish or better than "runner up" in SI's photo list of best athletes. The men have never won an olympic trial and probably never will, but fat cats will throw money at the men's professional soccer league like a 250 lb. letch throws money at a stripper! It is a trickle down effect too---professional organizations don't respect women,neither do college level athletics or high school. Throw us a frickin' bone here!

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