Monday, July 23, 2007


Interesting anecdote:

I had a wild experience when I went to L.A. recently (go figure). I was amazed at the mileage of my rental toyota (don't ask me what model). I didn't have to fill it up before turning it in because I completed all my traveling on less than a quarter of a tank! I was so impressed that when I pulled into Alamo to return it, I asked the guy at the check-in if the car was a hybrid. To my shock and disbelief, I instantly knew I had spoken too big of a word to a guy again (remember biodegradable)! I explained that a hybrid is a car that runs on both electricity and fuel. In L.A. (the environmentalist capital of the world),at a CAR RENTAL STATION, in the year 2007, the attendant genuinely had never heard of a hybrid?! We both walked away shaking our heads. He thought I was a crazy backwoods lady and I felt such sympathy for his ignorance that I wanted to put all his grandkids through at least the 12th grade!

Hybrids that I would like to buy:

The sleek,cosmo girl part of me would love to own a mercedes SL550, but alas it doesn't come in a hybrid and I would have to bag Beckham or workover the spouses of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" (I could probably stomach "Shane") to get it!

The country bumpkin part of me (approximately 85%) would enjoy a hybrid jeep. It is reasonably priced and I could use Earl Grey and Muffin Top as guy magnets--just no big words. I could call it "Muffy the Cockslayer" and paint it yellow! Did I say Jeep? I meant plane! I could fly all of the Alamo attendant's kids to a real school in Montana with Muffy the Cockslayer 2 seater!

Nice Jackass! What is that hybrid standing next to him?

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