Thursday, July 5, 2007

Restaurant Musings

"Men who don't eat beef don't eat pussy!"
That was my thought when our Red Robin waiter was at a loss for a burger recommendation. He shyly stated that he hasn't eaten a burger/beef in 4 years, although I bet he has had some "beef" if you know what I mean! I knew that Muffy the Cock Slayer would be safe today!
He was impeccable as a multi-tasking waiter/bartender. Our freckled lemonade was never too low and the fries were hot. He was very personable and efficient. He is the perfect guy and it made me wonder about embarking on a "Will and Grace" type living arrangement. However, I couldn't get by with just the occasional shower peek at a gay guy. I wouldn't be a good lesbian either because I would always want to receive and never give (does that make me a pillow Princess)? If a woman could be satisfied with just the occasional carpet munch from lesbians and the male companionship of a gay guy she would have it made!

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