Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crepuscular commute

Nickelback and men in tight shorts are better stimulant than caffeine! I had another fantastic commute to work before 7am. Have you even seen 7am "Yogi the park ranger" (refer to "park ecosystems" for allusions of grandeur)?
I was blasting my Nickleback CD with the windows down and partially consumed apple core in hand. The apple, by the way, is perfectly biodegradable so go ahead and toss it to the land whence it came when through--just don't get caught by the "hot fuzz" because it is still considered a flying projectile. I had just delicately "dropped" my apple core out the window when I noticed them: The tightest man's cheeks (and I'm not talking about the face) pumping a bike along the road (I almost slipped and said "rode" because that must be what I was thinking of doing). Then I continued on and saw a total of 3 muscular Adonis men! Perfectly defined with smooth,rippling back muscles,sculpted arms,killer calves. I love the calf muscles on bicyclists-- they are hard and usually bulging with strength and stamina (not unlike another male organ). I wanted them to have to stop so that they would have to stand up and reveal the bulge beneath the shorts, but alas it wasn't to be. I prefer the finely tuned Lance-type to a roided out, hulking piece of immovable flesh "pumping iron" at the local Gold's. Just imagine the endurance of the bike rider and the relative flexibility. Nickelback and men in tights are better stimulant than caffeine!

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