Friday, July 20, 2007

Missing Morki

And Mindy (I couldn't resist)?

A couple in AZ got their car and dog stolen (

How pretentious do you have to be to:
1)--Have a hyphenated name: Constantino-Ganier. Either you want to keep your maiden name or you want a married name, but make up your mind!
2)--Name your dog a name that rhymes with the breed. Morki the Yorki is Dorki.
3)---Take your Yorki mix shopping with you like you're a Beverly Hills Celeb!
4)--Violate two major environmental rules by simultaneously: wasting energy and polluting while leaving your car running in the parking lot!
5)--State that you just want your "baby" back---You don't want your $30,000 infiniti back? And your dog isn't your "baby"! I love my Earl Grey, but I never confuse him with my CHILD!

If you see Ganier's 2001 Infinity I30 with Arizona license plates 733-LGK just point and laugh!

Seriously--I don't wish any ill will on the pup. You can't pick your owners/parents!

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