Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Auditions

My dog, Earl Grey, tried out for the dog changeling scene in the beginning of Harry Potter. But he kept licking his balls and shouting "where's my bitches?!" He didn't get the part, but they are considering him for a rap video.

My cat, Sebastian, tried out for one of the cats emblazoned in the decorative china on the wall. However, he kept singing and dancing: "I'm too sexy for this scene, too sexy for this scene, no way I'm disco dancing!"

Hermione really whored it up in this last flick. She piled on the makeup and starting shouting crazy anti-establishment, wanton rebel rheteric! Her shirts were only layered twice and her hair was down a few times! She even got a giant to succumb to her seduction.

Emma Thompson was soo convincing as a sniveling, inept instructor that I thought she really was an educator (I can say that because I was a teacher myself)!

Want to see Harry Potter's "wand" (about 9-10 pictures down from the top)?:

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