Saturday, February 9, 2008

Metamorphosis (again)

I enjoy blogging as a creative outlet and will continue to do so!
PS--I suppose I'm flattered that I was chosen as a target. I guess I must pose some sort of a threat for a group to single me out for a high school "jolly" fest!

Thanks for the good times,



dragonbane said...

I'm confused, which one of us is the diplomat?

Eagle Eye said...

Is that you Guy Holly?I knew I would draw you into my lair. I thought it was Ninj, but it could also be a huge prank to get me to be more polite or to get someone a huge plicky. I'm not sure if pOnk was pissed at me or wtf, but it is a riot!

Lady-Jane said...


Eagle Eye said...

The only person I genuinely feel I owe an apology to is pOnk. To this day I still don't know why the "castle" chose to start a campaign about/against me on the Fish when I was content over in my corner of cyberland. I think it is anyone's perrogative to wonder wtf is up--so I took it. I have a right to do and say what I want and so do you as long as it doesn't involve personal data and personal attacks.
"Pictures of you dressing your fucking dog in a tutu." that is some fucking funny shit right there. I'll give you credit where it is due!

Eagle Eye said...

I have been totally open and public with my blogs and completely on my own. After I announced my name as "cowgirl" it was pretty clear who I was. If I wanted to be covert, I probably could have tried a lot harder. It is pretty easy to gang up on a solo person who has no idea what is going on behind the scenes.