Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lady or a Tramp?

Or Kitten or Cougar? These questions and more raced through my mind the other day at lunch. A charming, dashing, and 20-something waiter/bartender was very "friendly" and made sure that he met all my needs at the OG (Olive Garden). There was some obvious flirting going on--so much so that it prompted my lunch companion to joke that I should leave my business card as a calling card. Then the conversation turned to cougars and young men. I can't decide if "cougar" is a positive or negative term or if I even fit the category. I'm only in my 30's and I spend exactly 5 minutes total on my curly locks and makeup, I don't have fake tits, and I can't stand to be in heels for more than a few hours. My vision of a cougar has always been the overdone, 50ish, desperate housewife looking for some attention. But, when I broach the topic with my female friends--they seem to embrace the "sugar momma" connotation. Cougar, I've been informed, is a very hot older woman who is independent and doesn't need men for security--only for obvious uses! Look at Demi Moore, they tell me. She is very beautiful and successful--she is a cougar!
So the question still remains to me---What defines a cougar? At what age are you labeled and what criteria are needed? Are cougars hot or not? Check out the survey on the side.

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