Monday, June 25, 2007

Down Under

G'd Day!

Have you heard of the newest surgery in the plastic surgery array of services? They are calling it "Down Under" for women who want to re-sculpt their vaginal area. I have some questions for you: Why would someone need it? Who would do it?

Fig. 1 This girl may be a good candidate, but wouldn't you do your face first:

Fig. 2 Then there is this woman who looks great on the outside, but....

Fig. 3 Maybe Fig. 2 had some unfortunate love relationships that have alas created this problem:

Other than Fig. 2's unfortunate problem, don't all genitals look unpleasant? I can't say that I've ever admired the beauty of what lies beneath the labia folds (unless help me out guys--there really is something awe inspiring there?)

In conclusion: Of all the options available for plastic surgery, common sense would dictate to start with the face and save your money for a special toy or ride!

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