Saturday, June 30, 2007

Odontophoridae morning

Beautiful sunrise today as I drove to work (yes, I work on Saturday mornings unlike the rest of the pathetic world!). My public awaits at 7:30am or earlier! I spotted a family of quail right next to the freeway onramp, in the gravel of the onramp landscape inches from the road! Those little guys better get the fuck out of the way or they are going to look like a sandwich from Chick fil A (a restaurant that proudly refuses profit on Sundays?Weird.)!

I also want to THANK and/or fuck the sexy,navy seal/Mathew McCaughany/Lance Armstrong-looking, neighborhood guy running down the street during my commute! He didn't have a lot of hair, but he definitely wasn't boyish! Nice rippling muscular chest and legs....mmmmm. My first reverie was "I'd like that navy SEAL to balance me on his nose!"

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