Monday, March 3, 2008

Pretentious Players

And their primates. When I first heard this headline: "Pet Lemur Bites 3-year-old boy", I thought "wow! How odd? How would a boy and lemur meet--the zoo?" Then my second thought was the exotic pet trade and I wasn't disappointed: Lemur story.

Leave it up to a professional athlete to use his mega paycheck to do something stupid. Jog my memory--when has something similar happened before? What possesses a parent to think one day "you know what will make an awesome pet for little Johnny?A quite possibly endangered primate with nasty pointy teeth. I'll take this wad of extra cash and flaunt my affluence by going down to the neighborhood Madagascar and purchase an exotic find!" *whistles* then *spits out tobacca*.

WTF? If you have some extra cash that you want to dispose of why don't you put efforts towards SAVING endangered species and EDUCATION?? I'm sure that pretty penny used to purchase poor Zoboomafoo would have done a lot better applied to his habitat and educating the world about the primate plight!

at a minimum, buy me a new car or put MY kid through college.

(OK. Maybe I'm just jealous I don't have my own personal primate playmate. Shucks!)


Jimbo said...

I am gussing the retard athlete's kid saw the movie Madagascar and said "Daddy, I want King Julien" and the rest is in the news

Eagle Eye said...

Julian: What is a simple bite on the butt among friends?

Julian: Here, give me a nibble.

Eagle Eye said...

AND....they plan on opening a petting zoo. Maybe they'll have a baby crocodile and a tiger and little Johnny can show his dismembered digits to his class.

Jimbo said...

They have contacted the San Francisco Zoo for one of their tigers.