Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Every Sperm is Sacred

If you think I can be shrewish, you haven't met my catholic/Irish friend! My friend cusses like a trucker,has been known to bed down a few men in her day, and drinks like a fish. She would rant more than me (unbelievable I know) and scream like a banshee to get her way. She never set foot in a church outside of official functions like weddings etc. UNTIL---She met a tall,strapping marine (divorced btw) who happened to be catholic. They moved in together and engaged in quite the unmarried bliss--oddly without conceiving any children out of wedlock (birth control maybe?). Not only did her incessant screeching and temper tantrums subside after meeting him, she also became what I can only refer to as a born-again catholic. She attends church every Sunday, says grace before meals (the first time in 20+ years), and has charged full on into the catholic guilt phase ("I've always been a good christian girl"--she tells me one day when I was doing something questionable as usual).
She even believes that her fiance only has eyes for her and doesn't even look at other women. When I broached the subject that all men are visual and sexual beings and will always at least want to "see" many female forms, she chidingly told me that her man isn't like that and hasn't the least thought about other women! HA! I laughed at her and then shook my head.
So, anyway. I am embarking on a road trip to NV to celebrate her coming catholic nuptials by hitting all the casinos,partying,gambling, and drinking. I guess when you're catholic, everything goes as long as you say your sorry at the end of the day, say grace and go to church.

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