Thursday, November 15, 2007

Writer's Block?

Or writers' strike? Maybe I haven't posted for awhile because I have a hankerin' for a mansion in Beverly Hills and want to get paid for my inane verbiage or is it because I've been so busy I don't know what day it is anymore? Is it Thursday?
I have mixed feelings about the writers' strike. I respect people who work hard and strive for excellence, but I don't know that the mob strong-arming corporations to level the playing field is always the right way either!? Unions have really improved working conditions and salaries for many groups, but on the other hand they have diminished good old-fashioned competition. Take the teachers' union for instance--now any amorphous blob of humanity can fill the position of "teacher" from the incompetent, fucktard, coach who flirts with underage girls to the superb Einstein of a science teacher. Thanks to unions and litigious society, once a teacher is in the system,he/she can stay without contention until they croak. Pay and prestige are not based on merit in many instances, but on stay-fastedness and taking up space. I'm sure that it is disappointing to see network exec's making millions off CD and DVD sales, but maybe the most "sold" author should be rewarded---not every Tom and Harry Dick who wants to take a stab at writing!
That is just my humble and un-educated opinion. I majored in science, not literature and I am probably way off the mark! Bygones! Maybe I'm just bitter that 30 Rock isn't on and this is the first day that I've had time to breathe in awhile!


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Eagle Eye said...

Nah!Hehe! Far from it! Competition and capitalism make the world go 'round baby! It is impossible to eliminate all the "have nots". There will always be an alpha dog somewhere. I'm a business owner with mixed feelings about employees getting "high" ideas about unions and "equal pay"! Take the money your boss gives you and shut up or put up!
The writers (and broadway stage hands apparently) all want the money and glory, but guess who pays when there are lawsuits or rating problems etc? Good ol' stuff suit CEO's and corporations that's who! If I were a network exec, I would chide the writers like children--if you want to take on more responsibilites, then you can have a cut of my pay. Although Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman can have all the pie they want, but hopefully not eat it (lesbian reference there)!