Monday, November 5, 2007

Bad dog!

WINDHOEK, Namibia — Sixty-eight villagers in northern Namibia were hospitalized last week after eating a dog that had been killed by disease, the local daily The Namibian reported Wednesday. (
What is more odd about this statement?

1. People eat dogs?

2. People eat diseased dogs?

3. A dead, diseased dog can feed 68 people?! Now, I know what to provide for the next luau (jk)!

Apparently, not only do Namibians regularly eat dogs, they regularly dine on diseased canine! 55 villagers became ill last month (reported on 10/27)! The Namibians keep cattle for pets and rarely slaughter them because they represent wealth, but the loyal canine is free game. I guess if your neighbors have annoying barkers for pets in Africa, they could end up on the menu! Someone please ship them some rice or some Pedigree dog food and save the dog (for only pennies a day)! Where is Hayden Panettiere when you need her--maybe she can don some fetching safari ensemble and bring her bush to Africa (I mean hunt bush in Africa, I mean "be an activist" in the African bush).

Its a dog-eat-dog world and Namibians know how to do it "doggy style"!


p0nk said...

Namibia has gone to the dogs?

Eagle Eye said...

Good one.
How about--"I wokked a dog today".

NotANiceGirl said...

My dog ate my whitty retort. They also eat dog on Tarawa in Kiribati. These people also go over to the pacific to take a crap and dispose of trash and dirty diapers. It's literally gone to shit. Poor doggy. Seems savage to me.

Jimbo said...

When I was in Jakarta, I saw a news story about a local dog store in Malaysia. It showed all of the dog running around in their cage and every day the owner will kill and skin several of them and hang them in a road side cage for the locals to come by and buy.
It was a very normal practice for that part of the world.

Eagle Eye said...

Please fetch the ketchup.
Ack---There's a hair in my food!
On a serious note--I can't see how someone can kill intelligent predators--not only because it is emotionally painful to think of, but also because the meat itself can't be as sweet as your grain/grass fed herbivore! Give me a juicy cow steak or burger anyday! Namibians probably think Americans are senseless murderers of the cherished pet cow (Nomadic herdsmen rarely kill and eat their cows)!

Eagle Eye said...

I've seen footage like the one you describe Jimbo. It is really sad to see the fear in the animals, but I suppose you would see the same look in a cow or pig's eyes before slaughter. I've always respected predators more though--it seems to take more intelligence to be able to stalk and hunt down your prey vs. just chomping on plants and fleeing like herbivore's tend to do.

p0nk said...

wokking the dog