Thursday, January 31, 2008

Animal Farm of Sorts

What a playground I found! Pranksters "hanging out" in the underworld.

I had a rep when I attempted to participate in the beauracratic and heavily entrenched with religion government system. People would smile in amusement and relief when they met me in person and found that I was petite, short and not brutish in appearance at all. I had a parent laugh lightly one time--"I thought you were a big monster of a woman, yet you are a soft-spoken, young-looking teacher (I really didn't embellish the "young-looking" part--I got accused of being a student frequently)!"

While I obviously have a wee bit o' a temper,being of a reasonable mind, I can usually see through my flashes of "PMS" (partly made up syndrome to explain away women's tendency to have independent thought and anger). I can appreciate the need for a creative outlet and freedom of expression. I would never wish someone to destroy their creativity--it would be like destroying a part of themselves.


Cocquetish Cowgirl

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