Monday, January 28, 2008


Censorship is for Pussies
and panty-waists (in keeping with the sexist sport theme)! I've found myself in trouble on Mondays lately. Take last Monday for instance, I got pulled over for passing on a solid yellow line. As the dashing,young,and freshly showered Sheriff with the smart tie and button-up shirt shone his "light" in my face, I thought "I've been very bad officer". He was in a hurry that morning too, so I got off (from the ticket violation at least).
Well, then I broke the rules by combining militant feminazi ranting with a masturbatory (I think I made that up---cool huh?) image of a topless cheerleader on my post. This juxtaposition of the nude female form and abrasive verbiage is apparently very disturbing to men. Men like their women and their reading the same way--submissive and mellow. My bad!
My creative outlet has ruffled some feathers and I have been blocked and intimidated from participating in public forums (again). I can hear their battle cry "Light the animal carcasses on fire and load the Trebuchet---attack the firewall!"
Hacker-types crack my shit up. They preach about freedom of information and freedom from the bounds of censorship, yet they are the first to use their deity-like complex to stifle others who disagree. A hacker-type recently told me that what the hackers recently did to "Scientology" is CRIMINAL, but it is okay to mess with civilians? Hmmph! I also like how they hide behind avatar aliases like the "Joker". It is like a double disguise, not only is it not you, it is a thickly painted image so there is complete separation or so you think.

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