Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fluorescent Felines

South Korean Kong Il-Keun's team cloned cats after modifying a gene to change their skin colour. To clone the cats, Kong's team used skin cells of the mother cat. They modified its genes to make them fluorescent by using a virus, which was transplanted into the ova. The ova were then implanted into the womb of the donor cat.

Wow! The uses of a flourescent feline are endless.

  • You could attach your keys to their collar and never loose track of the keys at night again!

  • You could match your pet cats to your skittles.

  • You could find all the annoying cat hair on your furniture and clothes just by flashing an ultraviolet light.

  • They would be the hit at any "Rave".

  • Hmmmm....what about Reindeer? Could there possibly be a "genuine" Rudolf with this technology? Come on Korea! Show us what you got!


Jimbo said...

That is a great idea. You can always find your pussy in the dark.

Eagle Eye said...

I can always rely on Jimbo for a fun "cum back" hehe!

Jimbo said...

Sorry, You hung that one right over the plate.