Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blue Thursday Poetry

Nizar Qabbani
1923-1998, written in 1980

Letter from a Stupid Woman (to a man)

Don't criticize me, Master
If my writing is poor
For I write and the sword is behind my door
And beyond the room is the sound of wind and howling dogs
My master!
'Antar al Abys is behind my door!
He will butcher me
If he saw my letter
He will cut my head off
If I spoke of my torture
He will cut my head off
If he saw the sheerness of my clothes
For your East, my dear Master,
Surrounds women with spears
And your East, my dear Master
elects the men to become Prophets,
and buries the women in the dust.


p0nk said...

hahaha i voted twice!

Eagle Eye said...

I enabled the "poll" to allow multiple votes! I get off on power shit like that!Maybe I should go into IT?Hehe!

NotANiceGirl said...

Nice picture on the side! Holy curves!