Thursday, December 13, 2007

Down n' Dirty

My name is mud, but call me alowishus devadander abercrombie.

While I would have preferred a mustache ride, I ended up accidentally on a mud bog ride. I'm sure a more prudent person would have seen the bumpy,muddy,road with huge puddles as an obstacle and immediately turned around. Not me! One of my many aliases is "Adventure Girl" and I'm not one to turn down an unknown variable. I patted my trusty stick shift and put the ol' girl in gear (not me--I'm not THAT old yet--in keeping with sailor tradition, I'm assuming my car is female). You may recall that my car is a generic four door/compact sedan with safety paneling. My car has never seen 4WD except in the movies,the tread on the tires IS worse for wear, and it is very low to the ground (no raised under carriage for this girl--she is a prude if not prudent--I'm talking about the car again). I began my decent into uncharted, slippery, gooey times and chanted my favorite Disney quote to myself: "Don’t look backwards for very long. Keep moving forward… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” OK! About a quarter of mile later, I made it out unscathed and I felt a sense of self-adulation. "That a girl!" I had a mannish glee about me (not mannish hands though--thank goodness)! I surveyed my muddy car with pride--noting how the mud splatters reached the top of the car and coated my tires in mire! I yearn for a hybrid Jeep more than a nice Mercedes I guess. A convertible SL 550 probably would not see the light of day if I was left to my meandering ways! Now, where did I put those truck balls (I'll paint 'em pink and call 'em ovaries)!!?

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