Friday, October 12, 2007


"I'm definitely not going to deny it, or confirm it. Yes, I do a lot of yoga. I'm not an expert on tantra, but it's about trying to establish everyday normal things like walking, eating and making love with an element of the sacred."( 2004)

More fun facts:

Pubococcygeal says what?

Where's Dr. Ruth?:

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p0nk said...

:-) interesting stuff eh?

Eagle Eye said...

very interesting!

Jimbo said...

OK, where do I sign up for classes?

p0nk said...

some time ago i used to talk to a gorgeous young lady that talked about stuff like this. I wish i could remember exactly what the name of it was. It had a lot to do with sexual energy and orgasms. I don't buy into it entirely but it is interesting.

Jimbo said...


I am willing to check it out for you and let you know if it works. It may take lots and lots of practice.

p0nk said...

actually Jimbo, this kind that she was talking about, i don't think you'd be all that thrilled with.
Orgasm = bad karma.

Jimbo said...

This girl did not beleive in orgasms? Only in Eurkee